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4 Reasons Caregivers Should Keep Organized Medical Records

When you are in the throes of caregiving, it can be difficult to stay organized. However, finding an organizational system that works with your busy lifestyle is essential for ensuring your aging loved one’s medical records are always accessible. Here are a few reasons you should get these documents organized.

1. Facilitate Communications with Care Providers

Continuity of care becomes increasingly challenging as a senior accumulates multiple care providers, which can range from medical assistance to services from a Las Vegas, NV, home care agency. Though many physicians and hospitals are moving toward electronic records, you shouldn’t depend on them to transfer your loved one’s files back and forth. You should always be able to pull your loved one’s recent medical information from your records so you can take it with you to new doctor appointments.

2. Track Changes in Health Over Time

Sometimes, a senior’s medical records reveal patterns in his or her health that are helpful to doctors making a diagnosis. For example, your records may reveal your loved one has a cough every spring, which could point toward allergies. Organizing your loved one’s medical records allows you to look at his or her history to keep up with minor changes that occur over time.

3. Prevent Medical Mishaps

Despite taking precautions, health care professionals sometimes make mistakes. As a Las Vegas home caregiver, it is your responsibility to serve as an extra observer when your loved one is prescribed a new medication or procedure. For this reason, you should always have an updated list of your loved one’s medications on file along with any known allergies. 

4. Keep Up with Appointments

A simple calendar is an important part of any medical record organizational system. Though many people simply toss the last month or year’s calendar, it is important to add your loved one’s recent calendars to the record system. Look back at past calendars to determine if it is time for a yearly exam or vaccination so your loved one never misses a critical checkup.

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