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Why Is Laughter Healthy for Seniors?

Seniors are at risk for social isolation and depression, and many have developed a chronic health condition that further contributes to this risk. Though some turn to medication to manage their symptoms, many studies have revealed a more natural solution to help reduce various physical, mental, and emotional ailments. The simple act of laughing has proven to be a healthy practice for seniors, and Las Vegas home care experts want to share a few of the ways a good laugh can boost your elderly loved one’s health.

Enhances Cognitive Function

Recently, researchers discovered a surge of electricity races through the entire brain prior to laughing. This rousing current charges the brain and may boost your loved one’s cognitive function by switching on the entire brain at once. Laughter is also emerging as a viable therapy for degenerative conditions like dementia.

Boosts Immunity

An article recently published in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine states laughter may lower stress and increase white blood cells that attack cancer cells. Also, laughter triggers the diaphragm to pump and circulate fluid as the lymph nodes filter and clean the body. The clean body fluids assist in fighting disease and can bring balance to the immune system.

Promotes Better Sleep

Studies have shown enjoying a good laugh before going to bed can help seniors sleep better throughout the night. Laughter relaxes the entire body and relieves muscle tension and stress. Watching a funny movie or comic routine before tucking into bed can help your loved one unwind and drift into restfulness.

Encourages a Positive Outlook

Clinical studies report the use of laughter contributes to the success of rehabilitation programs. The release of endorphins, the natural feel-good chemicals in the body, reduces the perception of emotional and physical pain. Many seniors who laugh regularly exhibit high self-worth and are adaptable to life’s ups and downs.

Increases Circulation

Researchers at the University of Maryland observed blood vessels expand and contract easily when people laugh while watching comedies. Laughter causes a reduction in blood pressure mixed with a moderate increase in heart rate, oxygen intake, and blood circulation. The heart needs a good flow of blood to perform properly.

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