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4 Reasons Seniors Want to Stay Independent

People spend the majority of their lives yearning for independence. It is an inherently human characteristic to seek autonomy and maintain the ability to show the world exactly what you can do. After many decades of pursuing and enjoying independence, aging adults tend to be very adamant in their refusal to give it up. Following are 4 reasons why.

1. Autonomy and Dignity Are Interconnected

Relying on others can make seniors feel like they’re losing their dignity. After maintaining independence for so long, any increase in reliance can make them feel childlike. Being able to handle simple things like personal care, finances, and property upkeep can be essential for helping your loved one feel useful and valuable.

2. Receiving Help Can Be Costly

Doing things independently can be a lot cheaper than paying others to do them for you. Many aging adults are proud of their ability to take care of themselves and are concerned about the costs of receiving elderly care. This sense of pride is often connected to their history of providing for their families and largely defines who they are. Living on a fixed income can engender fear of dependence and make seniors reluctant to reach out for the help they need. Independence allows them to save money and retain their financial dignity. However, if seniors requires hourly home care, Las Vegas, Nevada families can reach out to Home Care Assistance for reliable services.

3. Independence and Self-Identity Go Hand In Hand

People tend to define themselves according to their accomplishments and capabilities. As independence wanes, a person’s sense of identity may do the same. Seniors are fiercely protective of their independence in an effort to retain their sense of self. As needs and abilities change, many elderly people are forced to redefine themselves by identifying valuable new attributes and hobbies.

4. They Fear Confinement

Becoming confined is a huge fear among the aging population, particularly once driving abilities are lost. With insufficient access to reliable transportation, maintaining important social connections and a robust activity schedule can be challenging. Independence is largely associated with driving abilities, but providing your loved one with information about alternative transportation or hiring a respite caregiver in Las Vegas to help him or her get out of the house can make handing over the car keys much easier.

Receiving some help around the house doesn’t mean independence has to be sacrificed. At Home Care Assistance, we believe in encouraging seniors to remain independent for as long as possible. For instance, our Balanced Care Method focuses on lifestyle factors like physical activity, sharp minds, and a healthy diet to help seniors age in place safely and comfortably. We offer flexible part-time and live-in care plans, and we also provide comprehensive stroke, Parkinson’s, and dementia care Las Vegas seniors can trust. For more information and to request a complimentary consultation, please call (702) 550-3185 today.