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6 Ways to Keep Seniors’ Hands and Feet Warm

People who aren’t from Las Vegas don’t realize the city can actually be quite cold during the winter months, especially at night. Even as spring approaches, caregivers in Las Vegas take extra care to bundle up seniors when leaving the house, and keep an extra blanket near when inside. As most of us know by know, if the hands and feet are warm, the rest of the body will follow suit. If your senior loved one is often chilled, warm them up from the inside out with these tips for keeping hands and feet warm.

Drink hot drinks.

Sipping on a hot beverage is a great way to warm up, and because it’s impossible to chug something hot, the gradual drinking will keep your senior loved one feeling warm for a longer period of time. Holding the mug in his or her hands will also provide direct heat, just make sure it isn’t too hot.

Use hot water bottles.

Fill a hot water bottle and keep it at his or her feet. This is a great way to help keep the extremities warm while relaxing at home. Another great option instead of a hot water bottle is a cloth bag full of dried beans. Heated in the microwave, the beanbag can stay warm for a surprisingly long while. Beanbags, which can also be filled with rice and scented, are also an easy DIY craft for you and your senior loved one to do together.

Sprinkle cinnamon liberally.

Aside from being delicious, cinnamon naturally stimulates the circulation. Sprinkle some on your loved one’s oatmeal in the morning, afternoon tea or coffee, or on top of fruit for dessert in the evening.

Post-bathing hand and foot massage.

When your senior loved one is getting ready for bed in the evening, offer a short hand and foot massage. The massage will stimulate circulation and help them warm up before bed.

Keep soup on hand.

There is hardly a better way to warm a senior from the inside out than with soup. Aside from the nutritional aspect, assuming it’s a low-fat, low-sodium soup, consuming something warm will have an immediate effect. Make sure the bowl isn’t too hot before serving and your senior loved one can wrap their hands around it in-between bites

Keep them moving.

Aside from reaping the benefits of exercise, moving around increases blood circulation and creates body heat. This doesn’t have to be vigorous exercise, however. Throughout the day, encourage your senior loved one to get up and do stuff throughout the house, like make warm drink or put laundry away.

If you’re worried about your senior loved one staying warm and healthy this winter, Las Vegas Home Care Assistance can help. Our caregivers are trained to assist with a variety of tasks including medication reminders, light housework, transportation to and from appointments, and grocery shopping. We are available 24/7 and never require you to sign a long-term contract. For more information on the services near you, call (702) 550-3185 to speak with an experienced Care Manager.