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A Valentine’s Day to Remember for Your Senior Loved One

Time with loved ones and cherished memories are what matter most as we age. This Valentine’s Day, think outside the chocolate box and treat your elderly loved one to a special outing with you. Home Care Assistance of Las Vegas has three fun ideas for things to do with your senior loved one this Valentine’s Day.

Spa Day

Surprise your senior loved one with lunch at a nice local hotel, and follow up lunch with a treatment or two at the hotel spa. Typically, hotel spas offer access to all facilities for the entire day, so your loved one can relax in the jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, swim laps in the pool, or even hop on the elliptical in the gym.

Wine and Dine

Treat your loved one to a wine and chocolate pairing. Many local restaurants will have special pairings for Valentine’s Day. Or, you can arrange it yourself at home by picking up a variety of gourmet chocolates and a few bottles of wine. If you host a pairing at home, consider inviting other family members (who are over 21, of course) and making a whole evening of it.

A Book and Some Java

February can be a chilly month, so visit a local bookstore and help your senior Valentine pick out a new book to curl up with on cold nights. Then, have a seat at a charming coffee shop inside the bookstore or nearby, order a hot chocolate, and spend time taking turns talking about favorite reads.

Add some special touches to the day with little details like bringing flowers, opening doors, and listening to your loved one’s favorite music. If you are unavailable, see if your senior loved one’s Las Vegas caregiver can arrange a special day.

Home Care Assistance caregivers provide more than companionship, they provide transportation, run errands, offer medication reminders, cook healthy meals, and do light housework. For more information on caregiving services in your area, call (702) 550-3185 to speak with a friendly Care Manager.