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No Public Transit? Alternatives for Mobile Seniors.

As a Las Vegas home care provider, we know that independence is one of the things that seniors value most. When today’s seniors must surrender their car keys, many are reluctant, often in fear that they will be giving up their independence as well. Thankfully, cutting back on driving doesn’t have to signal the end of an independent lifestyle for older adults. Even for the millions who lack access to appropriate public transit, there are alternative modes of transportation available, many designed just for seniors. Here are the most common options:

  1. Paratransit

    – A large number of older Americans rely on ‘paratransit’ services to get around. Demand-responsive paratransit may be the most convenient option for those who have difficulty showing up at a certain place and time for a ride. Fully on-demand transit means the rider calls in advance, makes a reservation for a desired route, and gets picked up, often right at their front door. Unlike ordinary fixed-route public transportation, paratransit services are like group shuttle services. Some are public; others are private operations. While convenient, on-demand route transit can be relatively expensive and less available depending where your aging parent or loved one lives.

  1. Volunteer Driver Programs

    – In volunteer-based driver programs, seniors are personally accompanied by a ‘buddy’ who drives them where they need to go on a reservation basis. Because the driver is a volunteer, usually for a church or non-profit, these discounted or free programs are notably affordable for seniors on fixed incomes. However, the availability of volunteers and timely service may fluctuate.

  1. Caregiver Services

    – Caregivers are similar to volunteers, but they provide more than just driver services. Hired professional caregivers actively assist seniors at their destination, helping with doors and other logistics to promote overall safety. Professional caregivers are ideal for reliable transportation and safe accompaniment during routine activities such as grocery shopping, prescription pick-up and for other errands and can also be used for fun activities whether it’s meeting with friends, visiting a local museum or going to a hair salon. Caregivers are knowledgeable and friendly companions that can keep seniors engaged with the world around them. Click here to learn more about professional caregivers in Las Vegas.

The available mix of transportation alternatives depends on where you live. Check with your local Area Agency on Aging (AAA) to learn about the options in your community or contact Home Care Assistance of Las Vegas for more information about caregiver and companion care services. While we specialize in 24 hour care, we also provide Las Vegas hourly care on an as needed basis. Call (702) 550-3185 for more information or to request a complimentary in-home consultation.