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Fun Activities for the Elderly in Las Vegas

When your senior loved one lives in the Las Vegas area, he or she may want to enjoy some of the local events and activities. Help your elderly loved one safely enjoy the Vegas tourist experience by encouraging him or her to check out these senior-friendly activities in the city, presented by Las Vegas Home Care Assistance.

1. Theater Shows

Las Vegas is world-renowned for its vibrant and interactive shows. Take a look at online ticketing sites for senior deals, so that your loved one can have a night out enjoying the glitz and glamor of the Las Vegas stage, while relaxing in one of the comfortable lounges or auditoriums where the concerts are held. Make sure your loved one’s night to the theater is a comfortable one by tagging along. This way, if your relative has physical challenges that make navigating new places difficult, you will be there to provide assistance.

2. Buffet Dining

There are a plethora of buffet restaurants in Las Vegas, many of which are housed in scenic hotels. These buffets offer seniors with limited mobility an easy way to get a glimpse at some of the grand hotels in Vegas, while also getting to try a number of interesting dishes. Though some of the nicer hotels have buffets, including the Bellagio and Freemont Hotel, to avoid standing in long lines, you may be better off going to smaller hotels and buffets, like Sam’s Town and South Point. As an added benefit, these smaller options are also more likely to offer senior discounts, so your loved one can enjoy a delicious meal without the extra time and money.

3. Gambling

The card tables and slots are a fun option for seniors who like a little excitement. Many casinos are wheelchair and handicapped accessible, so if your loved one has mobility challenges, he or she will be able to navigate the casino without facing many obstacles. If you’re concerned that your loved one will have troubling getting around the casinos without help, a family or hourly caregiver in Las Vegas can cheer your loved one on, while also providing mobility assistance if needed.

4. Bus Tours

For seniors with physical challenges, bus tours are a great way to experience the strip without having to walk or navigate the city via wheelchair. One of many bus tour options available is the Las Vegas Senior Tripsters, a non-profit organization that specializes in senior citizen tours. To take one of these tours, your loved one must join the organization and pay an annual $7 due, but paying this small fee may be worth it for the extra attention that this organization pays to senior needs. With extra bathroom breaks and assistance for entering and exiting the vehicle, this tour service may provide the help your loved one needs for a successful outing in Las Vegas.

For seniors with limited mobility, it can be hard to find ways to enjoy local activities and events. If your elderly loved one has physical challenges that prohibit his or her ability to venture out independently, then reach out to Home Care Assistance. Our hourly and 24-hour caregivers in Las Vegas are expertly trained to provide mobility assistance, safety monitoring, and transportation, helping ensure your loved one does not feel restricted to his or her home. To learn more about how our caregiving services can help your loved one, contact a Care Manager at 702-550-3185. Available 24/7, our Care Managers are always available to answer your questions and to schedule a free in-home consultation.