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3 Simple Exercises for Seniors & Older Adults

It’s never too late to start exercising! Unfortunately, there is a stigma about aging and exercising, with most seniors feeling that exercise is too rigorous of an activity or that they are unfit to perform fitness related activities. However, this is simply untrue. Whether a senior hasn’t exercised in years or they struggle with limited mobility, there are many exercises that are simple and promote both physical and emotional health. In fact, regular exercise is known to boost energy levels, promote cognitive functioning and can help seniors manage and tolerate chronic pain.

As a trusted provider of Las Vegas home care, daily exercise is a crucial component of our care plans. However, because we know that there is some hesitation and resistance among seniors to exercise, we wanted to provide 3 simple exercises that seniors (even those with limited mobility) can enjoy:

  1. Walking

    – One of the easiest exercises that a senior can enjoy is walking. Walking is a low-impact endurance cardio exercise that gets the heartbeat up. Besides this, walking can be done spur of the moment since it requires no equipment and little to no planning. It’s also easy on the joints, so it typically won’t cause any injuries, even well into the senior years. It’s important, though, that seniors do a few stretches before heading out on their walk to protect the muscles.

  1. Swimming

    – Swimming works to help with both flexibility and endurance. Similar to walking, swimming is an easy exercise for seniors because it’s low-impact and has a much lower risk of injury than other endurance exercises do. Plus, swimming conditions the whole body, allowing seniors to easily stretch and strengthen all the muscles in the shoulders, arms, back and legs. If a senior may be apprehensive about starting with laps right away, water aerobics is an alternative that offers the same low-impact benefits and also promotes flexibility and muscle strength.

  1. Yoga

    – When most people think of yoga, they think of impossible positions that seem almost impossible or anyone, let alone a senior, to perform. While there are advanced yoga classes, there are many for beginners and seniors, which focus on poses and stretches that increase endurance while promoting balance and strength. Yoga is also known to promote calmness and purpose through meditation, something that can benefit a senior’s spirit, mentality and overall outlook.

Exercise may be a scary concept for seniors, but it doesn’t have to be. By taking part in these three exercises detailed above, seniors will be getting their bodies and mind into great shape, while having fun too.

If you or an aging parent or loved one are thinking about starting a exercise routine, consult with your doctor or geriatric care specialist first. They’ll be able to provide information or recommendations for exercise and can help you determine which options are best for you.

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