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3 Tips for Planning a Party for Your Senior Loved One

As the saying goes, age is nothing but a number and plenty of seniors still enjoy a good party from time to time. Although most party planning cover the same basics, such as decorations, food, entertainment and venue, you’ll want to personalize each of these to your senior citizen’s preferences to make the event truly special. Here are a few more party planning tips brought to you by leading Las Vegas home care provider Home Care Assistance.

  1. Choose a time and place convenient for party VIPs.

    For many seniors, it’s the company that matters most. Make sure to send out invites well in advance and select a time and place convenient for the people your senior loved one will want there most. For instance, if he or she has other elderly friends you know should be there and you know most of them eat dinner around 5pm, don’t schedule a party at 7pm. The best party time may be during the day for brunch or an afternoon tea. And, of course, schedule the party during a time when your guest of honor generally has the most energy.

  2. Go with bold, easy-to-see decorations.

    When planning a party, most people come up with a theme and go from there. When planning a party for a senior, the first thing to consider is what decorations all elderly guests will be able to see. Choose minimal but bold decorations so that everyone can understand the theme of the party even if their vision isn’t perfect. A large banner and some bright balloons will go much further towards creating a festive mood than decorative cutlery or subtle centerpieces, for example.

  3. Set-up game stations and keep background music to a minimum.

    Those who have hearing loss or use hearing aids may have difficulty understanding others over background music or televised entertainment, so keep background music low and instead simply plan to have some conversation starters on hand. Pull out some old pictures of your senior loved one or interesting coffee table books, and have a few game stations. Set up classic board games you know your loved one still remembers how to play around the house. Not only will these be conversation starters, but they give elderly guests something to do. If your senior loved one has a bridge group or other organized card group, set up a table and host a mini-tournament during the party for anyone who wants to play.

A party that pleases a senior citizen doesn’t have to be elaborate, but should be designed with the preferences and abilities of your senior loved one and his or her favorite people in mind.

For more party-planning tips or to find help for your senior loved one during social engagements or at times when you can’t be present, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Las Vegas. Our live-in and hourly Las Vegas caregivers are highly trained and able to assist your loved one with transportation, bathing, personal grooming, light housework, and cooking meals. If you would like more information or want to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation, call (702) 550-3185 to speak with a friendly Care Manager.