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Common Reasons Seniors Need Meal Prep Assistance

Cooking can be challenging for aging adults, especially if they have difficulties with fine motor coordination, balance, and overall mobility, and meal preparation may be particularly problematic for those living with degenerative health conditions. As a result, many elderly people end up subsisting on fast food or prepackaged meals with little to no nutritional value. Las Vegas, NV, caregivers discuss a few reasons why some seniors need help preparing their meals.

Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease makes small and precise movements difficult to perform, but many seniors with this condition can maintain a basic level of competence in the kitchen with the help of assistive devices that make chopping foods and unscrewing lids safer and easier. However, marked decreases in fine motor control can make cooking a harrowing and time-consuming task, which makes it far more convenient for seniors with Parkinson’s to rely on microwaved frozen dinners instead.

Memory Loss

Reduced memory and cognitive functioning are serious concerns that can prevent seniors from eating nutrient-dense home-cooked meals. When memory starts to wane, the risk of dangers in the kitchen increases. Starting a meal and then wandering off to do something else is a major threat to senior safety. After a few close calls with fires or other incidents, seniors often stop cooking entirely and look for convenient alternatives.


As a senior’s hands and fingers become tight, inflamed, and difficult to move, small kitchen jobs such as opening packages and jars become more challenging, even when using special assistive devices. Seniors with arthritis can get a number of natural pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory benefits from consuming fresh, antioxidant-rich foods, making assistance with meal prep especially crucial.

Little Energy and Time

Although some seniors have trouble filling up their time, they may still find it difficult to accomplish all of their household tasks in a single day. Even putting on clothing can be time consuming when managing a serious medical condition. Also, many older adults find they don’t have the same amount of energy they used to. As a result, cooking may become less of a priority, especially if they have ready-made meals on hand.

Securing meal preparation services from a Las Vegas home care agency is about far more than ensuring your aging loved one is eating regularly. Ready-made frozen dinners are often packed with excess fat, sugar, sodium, and calories, and they typically lack the rich array of nutrients found in home-cooked meals. With outside help, your loved one can avoid dietary additions that might exacerbate existing health issues such as gout, hypertension, and diabetes. Just as importantly, he or she can safely maintain a sense of independence.

If your loved one needs help preparing nutritious meals, turn to Home Care Assistance. Our part-time and live-in caregivers can assist with cooking tasks and grocery shopping so your loved one can get the important nutrients he or she needs. In addition to meal prep, our caregivers can assist with many other daily tasks, and we also offer specialized Parkinson’s, post-stroke, and Alzheimer’s care Las Vegas seniors can rely on. For more information and to schedule a free consultation, call (702) 550-3185 today.