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What Are the Stages of Parkinson’s Disease?

If your senior loved one has a progressive condition, it’s important to know its various stages. For seniors with Parkinson’s, learning the five stages of the disease is key in planning for their care. Whether you need to plan for the type of care your elderly loved one needs or require immediate home care, Las Vegas care providers discusses the five stages of Parkinson’s disease.

Stage I

The first stage of Parkinson’s disease is the least severe and symptoms are usually localized to one side of the body. The early symptoms of Parkinson’s will not typically interfere with your loved one’s lifestyle or ability to carry out the tasks of daily living and are so mild that they are often overlooked or dismissed.

Stage II

The next stage is marked by an increase in symptoms. At this stage, you may begin to notice your loved one trembles or experiences stiffness on both sides of the body. Your loved one’s facial expressions may change and his or her speech may become slower or more difficult. Stiffness may slow your loved one down, but his or her balance will not usually be affected.

Stage III

In the third stage, symptoms become much more severe and begin to interfere significantly with daily tasks. Additionally, your loved one’s balance is likely affected, making it difficult for him or her to walk independently. This trouble with balance may sometimes lead to falls. At this stage, medication and occupational therapy may help promote your loved one’s ability to act independently.

Stage IV

In stage four, your loved one will experience a dramatic decrease in his or her ability to act independently. Although your loved one may still be able to stand without help, a walker or other mobility aid may be necessary at this stage, and his or her reaction times will likely also be delayed. A Las Vegas Parkinson’s caregiver may be required for your loved one to continue with routine tasks and he or she may not be able to live safely alone.

Stage V
The fifth stage of Parkinson’s is characterized by an increase in the number of symptoms and severity. Your loved one may freeze when he or she stands up or may fall easily. For some seniors, wheelchairs become necessary. Stage 5 may also include the appearance of mild cognitive symptoms, like difficulty concentrating. Because of cognitive impairment and the possibility of falls, your loved one may also require around-the-clock care.

If your elderly loved one has Parkinson’s disease, he or she may need the assistance of a live-in caregiver in Las Vegas. Offering 24-hour availability, safety monitoring, and mobility assistance, a professional caregiver from Home Care Assistance can help ensure your loved one is safe and comfortable during all stages of this condition. To learn more about senior care services with Home Care Assistance, give a Care Manager a call at (702) 550-3185 and schedule a free in-home consultation.