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Safety Precautions for Seniors with Pacemakers

Since pacemakers are sensitive electronic devices, seniors who have had one implanted need to take extra steps to ensure their daily safety.The staff at Home Care Assistance of Las Vegas is here to offer some tips to help your elderly loved one care for a pacemaker after the surgery and beyond.

Keep the Incision Clean

Depending on what method was used to close the incision after surgery, showers may be allowed right away or not for several days. No lotions or ointments should be applied to the surgical site until it has completely healed. Check the incision to make sure no redness, swelling, or drainage has occurred.

Limit Movement

Your loved one should have limited movement for three months after having pacemaker surgery. These movements are mainly specific to the side of the body closest to the pacemaker, but include not lifting the arm or anything over five pounds on that side. Once the doctor gives permission, normal activities may resume.

Have a Pacemaker ID Card Readily Available

In case of emergency, a pacemaker ID card lets healthcare and dental workers know your loved one has a pacemaker, offering critical information that could save his or her life. He or she should also show the ID card when going through airport security checkpoints to avoid the use of electronic wands.

Stay Safe Around Electronics

Some electrical devices are okay for your loved one to use, such as microwaves, hair dryers, computers, heating pads, radios, and televisions. However, welding, working under the hood of a running car, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are not safe to do with a pacemaker. Care should also be taken when using a cell phone, keeping it at least six inches away from the pacemaker.

Living with a pacemaker may require some adjustments, but millions of seniors live full and active lives with the help of this device. However, once your loved one is able to be active again, he or she may still face some challenges that were not present before the surgery. Reach out to Home Care Assistance to make those challenges easier to manage. We offer hourly and live-in care in Las Vegas, and our caregivers can offer mobility support and provide transportation to and from medical appointments. To find out more information and schedule a free in-home consultation, call one of our knowledgeable Care Managers at (702) 550-3185 today.