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You’ll Never Guess What Could Have Your Senior Loved One Worried This Month

Halloween offers many opportunities to interact with neighborhood children and their parents, but the spooky holiday can pose real health and safety hazards for seniors. Some seniors worry that mischief makers will damage their property; others wear themselves out attending to an endless stream of trick-or-treaters. For older people with chronic diseases like dementia, Halloween can be a confusing and frightening experience.

Helping Out on Halloween

As a leading provider of senior home care in Las Vegas, we believe one of the simplest ways to ensure that your family member stays safe on Halloween is to make the holiday a family affair. If your loved one wants to stay home for the evening, ask if you and yours can celebrate Halloween there. Dress up in costumes, bring along some tasty treats and make it a fun gathering. That way, you can safeguard your loved one against overexertion, trips and falls without making a fuss about it.

Halloween Safety Tips for Seniors

If your elderly loved ones are determined to pass out treats to the neighborhood kids on their own, encourage them to follow these safety precautions

  • Make sure that walkways and stairs are obstacle-free and well-lighted.
  • Use glow sticks or battery-operated lights rather than candles to illuminate jack-o’-lanterns.
  • Place a comfortable chair near the entrance to your home to reduce the number of trips to the door.
  • Be sure that your loved one knows to never allow a stranger into his or her home to use the bathroom or make a phone call.
  • Remind your loved one to turn off the porch light if he or she is getting tired or runs out of candy, but leave indoor lights on.

Special Concerns for Seniors on Halloween

Seniors with chronic medical conditions that impair their mental or physical skills should not be left alone to cope with trick-or-treaters on Halloween. If you can’t be there to assist loved ones who may find the holiday frightening, consider getting assistance from an hourly in-home caregiver in Las Vegas. Their assistance and presence can ensure the holiday is as fun as it is safe!

To learn more about in-home care services for seniors, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Las Vegas today. Our Care Managers are on-call 24/7 and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have – (702) 550-3185.