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Why Your Elderly Loved One Should Try Meditation

Even in retirement seniors face new challenges, which is why a growing number of Las Vegas home care agencies are encouraging their clients to try meditation. Read on to learn about a few of the benefits of meditation for the elderly.

1. Maintains Memory

Meditation optimizes your loved one’s ability to connect and build new neurons, increasing his or her cognitive functioning and avoiding memory loss. Supplementing your loved one’s meditation time with positive social encounters, sleep, and physical activity can provide your loved one with the best chances of preventing cognitive decline.

2. Reduces Stress and Depression

Seniors can experience stress from everyday triggers, like traffic and long lines, as well as stress from health related ailments that can pop up as people age. Some seniors may also experience depression as a result of these stressors. Meditation can help your loved one stay relaxed, promote a sense of peace, and avoid negative or depressing thoughts.

3. Helps Manage Pain

Meditation can change the way the mind perceives and experiences sensations like pain. Whether your elderly loved one suffers from mild arthritis or is in the midst of chemotherapy, meditation can help with pain management. Studies have even shown that meditation can achieve the same or similar pain-reducing effects as pain medications.

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