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What Are the Most Useful In-Home Care Supplies?

When providing home care in Las Vegas for your senior loved one, it is essential to have a few basic supplies in case of an accident, an emergency, or for general care. Make sure your loved one’s home always has these in-home care supplies on hand so you or other caregivers can be prepared.

First Aid Kit

A simple first aid kit including bandages, antibacterial skin cleansers, ointments, and topical painkillers can ensure your loved one has the supplies on hand in case of accidental cuts or scrapes. Because seniors are more susceptible to infections, properly caring for even minor injuries is crucial. Always make sure to replenish the first aid kit supplies as they are used.

If family caregivers can’t look after their loved one, they should consider hiring a caregiver for reliable home care. Las Vegas, Nevada, families can reach out to Home Care Assistance to hire a caregiver of their own choice.

Cold and Hot Packs

Cold and hot packs can help relieve swelling and pain should your loved one have a minor bump or fall. Cold packs should be applied immediately after an injury to reduce swelling. Heat packs may be used later on to relieve pain and assist with the healing process.

Compression Socks

Many seniors have circulatory problems. Compression socks can help reduce swelling in the legs and feet and increase circulation. This can help your loved one feel more comfortable and make standing and walking easier.

Exam Gloves

If your loved one has incontinence or often becomes sick, it is important to protect him or her from germs. Exam gloves are important safeguards against germs that accompany cleaning up wounds after your loved one has an accident.


Nutritionals, for use as either a meal replacement or a snack, should always be stored in a cool and dry location in the home in case of loss of power or a natural disaster. Nutritionals can provide much-needed calories, protein, and nutrients that your loved one may need during an emergency situation.

While it’s important to have these supplies in your loved one’s home to help promote safety, accidents may still occur when you are not around. One way to ensure your loved one stays healthy and maintains a high quality of life during all hours of the day is with a live-in caregiver in Las Vegas. The caregivers at Home Care Assistance are all trained in the holistic Balanced Care Method, which is based on the concept that the right care can help seniors live a longer, healthier, and more productive life. For more information, call one of our experienced Care Managers at (702) 550-3185 to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation.