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Home Care vs. Nursing Home Care

As your loved one ages, extra care and time may be required to maintain good health and an excellent quality of life. This can be a tall order for adult children who are busy with their own families and households. You may think that the only option is an assisted living center or nursing home, but there’s another option worth considering. Las Vegas home care is the ideal solution for those people who need a little extra assistance but don’t require the 24-hour nursing care that’s available at outside facilities.

Health Condition Monitoring

One of the concerns with an aging parent is that they might forget medications, lose control of certain health conditions or become depressed from being alone too much. Home health care provides monitoring for all of these concerns and more. Trained in-home caregivers can provide reminders for medication and keep an eye on overall health. If any concerns are noted, the family can be notified. The regular attention and visits also provides adult interaction and helps keep depression away.

In a nursing home, your loved one will receive 24-hour, skilled nursing care. While this is valuable and necessary in some cases, it’s an expense you might prefer to avoid if your parent still has reasonable mobility and only needs non-medical assistance rather than regular treatment.

Food and Meal Concerns

Nursing homes often have one cafeteria and a rotating menu. The residents are offered a healthy diet with good variety of dishes. However, you can enjoy this same benefit with home health care. Caregivers are able to follow a proper diet developed by a physician or nutritionist. They’ll prepare fresh meals in the home and help the client dine. Unlike a nursing home, they’ll also provide some companionship during the meal.

Cost Comparisons

One of the biggest differences between home care and nursing homes is the cost. Nursing homes carry a high price tag for 24-hour care which typically includes annual fees. You can drastically lower the expense by going with customized home care plans that provide your loved one with the limited care he or she needs at a much more affordable price. Families with budgetary concerns appreciate the savings that are offered with this type of Las Vegas hourly home care.

Even when your loved one requires 24 hour care, home care can still be of assistance. Reliable home care companies such as Home Care Assistance of Las Vegas offer 24 hour non-medical home care, ensuring maximum safety and around the clock comfort for seniors. To learn more about the comprehensive services provided by Home Care Assistance, contact a Care Manager at (702) 550-3185 and schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation.