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Five Frequent Signs of Dementia

Dementia is a broad term used to cover a wide variety of memory and cognitive disorders. According to experts at Las Vegas, NA, home care agencies, early dementia treatment can slow its progression, so it’s important to monitor your loved one for the following signs.

1. Misplacing Things

Most people have misplaced their keys at some point. However, if your loved one is consistently unable to retrace his or her steps to find lost items, or finds his or her belongings placed in strange places (for instance, the car keys in the freezer), it may be an indication that something more than ordinary forgetfulness.

2. Difficulty with Abstract Thinking

Long-term or abstract thinking is difficult for individuals with dementia. Dementia may make planning, problem solving, and following directions challenging. Your loved one may get lost, struggle to follow a familiar recipe, or become confused while trying to calculate a tip.

3. Trouble with Fine Motor Control

Dementia frequently causes difficulty with fine motor coordination, which can lead your loved one to experience falls, spills, or accidents. A family member with dementia might struggle with daily tasks requiring fine motor control, like writing, knitting, playing an instrument, or manipulating familiar tools.

4. Dressing for the Wrong Weather

If a loved one has dementia, he or she may become confused about time and place. Without reminders from family members or hourly caregivers in Las Vegas, you may notice that he or she dresses for the wrong season, begins forgetting important dates, like anniversaries, birthdays, or holidays, or talks about events or people from long ago in the present tense.

5. Delusions and Paranoia

The above symptoms can be extremely unsettling for your loved one. As a result, your relative might think that someone is “out to get” him or her and that this person is hiding his or her belongings, tricking or confusing him or her on purpose, or trying to hurt him or her. These paranoid feelings and delusions can sometimes lead to misdirected episodes of anger.

If you are concerned that your loved one may be exhibiting the symptoms of dementia, the best thing you can do is contact a doctor for further screening. When your loved one has reached the point where these symptoms are affecting his or her ability to live independently, consider hiring a professional Las Vegas dementia home caregiver. Our expertly trained caregivers provide assistance with daily tasks and 24-hour safety monitoring, promoting your loved one’s comfort and safety at home. To learn more or to schedule a free, in-home consultation, contact a Care Manager at (905) 337-1200.