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Five Fun Exercises for Seniors

Regardless of age, being active is essential to staying healthy. Most senior health experts recommend that an ideal exercise plan for seniors incorporate four elements: endurance, balance, strength, and flexibility. At Home Care Assistance of Las Vegas, our senior care experts suggest the following exercises to make your loved one’s workout effective and fun.

1. Walking

Walking is one of the easiest, cardio exercises you can encourage your loved one to do. Enjoy a summer afternoon exploring a neighborhood or outdoor mall with your loved one. Spending time together while looking around will make walking feel more like a family outing than an exercise routine.

2. Marching

Marching in place is great indoor exercise for leg strength and better balance, both of which can help prevent falls. To make this exercise more enjoyable, have your loved one pick out some of his or her favorite upbeat tunes to march to and encourage your loved one to alternate leg height for each song. If your loved one is not completely steady on his or her feet, place a sturdy table or chair nearby for balance.

3. Swimming

While swimming can be a demanding aerobic workout, it is actually helpful for sore or arthritic joints. Swimming can improve flexibility, which reduces stiffness and discomfort, and builds arm, leg, and abdominal muscles. Water aerobics classes, like Aqua Zumba, are a fun and easy way to get started in the pool, and can often be tailored for your loved one’s needs and abilities.

4. Weight Training

Weightlifting exercises build and tone muscle, which can help your loved one maintain a healthy weight and his or her mobility. Start your loved one out with a set of light hand weights and a few basic weightlifting exercises, like bicep curls. You may consider scheduling an introductory weight training session with a personal trainer so he or she can learn proper form.

5. Dancing

Senior-oriented dance classes, like ballroom, line dancing, and Zumba, are fun, cardio-based ways to get your loved one moving. Your relative will burn calories while also making new friends and picking up a couple dance moves to try out at your next family party. If you’re feeling adventurous, sign up for a class with your loved one and get in on the fun.

When your loved one is discouraged by mobility limitations that make it difficult to perform certain exercises, a professional caregiver may be able to provide the support he or she needs to get started. Caregiver support can be especially important when your loved one is hoping to get back into an exercise routine after experiencing a stroke. Learn more about how post-stroke care in Las Vegas can provide the rehabilitation assistance that your loved one needs by contacting a Care Manager at 702-550-3185. Scheduling a no-obligation, in-home consultation today.