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Outdoor Activities for Seniors with Limited Mobility


Being active and getting outside is important for many seniors. However, doing either of these things can sometimes be difficult, especially if your senior loved one has limited mobility. Las Vegas home care experts suggest some great outdoor activities your loved one may enjoy.


Boat Rides 

Though many seniors don’t live near a lake or have a boat, lakes often have rental services with all types of boats to take out for an afternoon. Letting the water carry the weight and handle the transportation can allow your loved one to enjoy some time outside. Boat rides can also be great for seniors who have limited mobility in a specific part of the body. If your loved one has decreased upper body mobility, a paddleboat may be the best option. If he or she has less mobility in the lower extremities, using a rowboat or canoe can help exercise the upper body. 

Water Aerobics or Swimming 

These activities, which can take place at both outdoor and indoor pools, are great for seniors who have mobility challenges preventing them from exercising. The body is much lighter in the water, which makes water activities a good option to help your loved one maintain muscle strength and range of motion. Additionally, getting in the water can be enjoyable and refreshing. 

Bird Watching 

This activity is very senior-friendly because it may not require a lot of movement, but still gets a person outside. Bird watching can stimulate your loved one’s mental acuity as he or she tries to match the birds with those in a book. If your loved one is ambulatory, bird watching can also involve a slow-paced stroll along a path or even through the yard. All that is needed for bird watching is a pair of binoculars and, if desired, a book or notebook to write down the types of birds your loved one sees.

For seniors with limited mobility, it can be difficult to find ways to enjoy outdoor activities. If your loved one has physical challenges preventing him or her from venturing out independently, reach out to Home Care Assistance. We offer 24-hour and part-time care Las Vegas families trust, and our caregivers can assist your loved one with mobility and exercise, as well help with a wide variety of daily tasks. For more information, call a qualified Care Manager at (702) 550-3185 to schedule a complimentary consultation.