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6 Ways Seniors Can Boost Health & Happiness Today

Whether your senior loved one has seemed a little down or he or she is just looking for ways to improve their day, suggest these 6 easy tips from Home Care Assistance Las Vegas.

1. Drink Eight Glasses of Water

Although this list is in no particular order, drinking enough water deserves to be in the top spot, and is especially important for elderly living in a hot and dry climate like Las Vegas. Seniors can stay hydrated by consuming an average of eight glasses of water each day, which will increase cardiovascular health while improving the function of joints and muscles due to a boost in the blood circulation.

If your loved one is unable to look after his or her basic needs, hire a live-in caregiver for reliable home care. Las Vegas families can reach out to Home Care Assistance

2. Take a 20-Minute Nap Each Day

Health experts recommend napping each day to improve memory and increase cortisol in the body for reduced stress. Taking a 20-minute nap in the afternoon will increase focus and alertness for several hours.

3. Drink One Glass of Red Wine Each Day

Although you or your senior loved one’s Las Vegas, NV caregiver might not think about pouring a glass of wine for him or her, enjoying one glass of red wine each day can reduce blood clotting and lower cholesterol levels.

4. Adopt a Pet

Experts suggest owning a pet can improve health by increasing mental stamina and preventing depression due to the bond and connection owners and pets share. Pets can also reduce the effects of Alzheimer’s by alleviating levels of cortisol and boosting serotonin.

5. Take a Yoga Class

Yoga is a low-impact exercise great for seniors, and is known to increase blood flow, improve bone health, and prevent joint cartilage from deteriorating. The practice is also proven to reduce stress levels.

6. Take a Brisk Walk

Seniors may be intimidated by physical fitness as they age, but taking a brisk walk each day is enough to improve their health. Walking works to strengthen the heart by maintaining blood pressure and can also reduce the risk of diseases or strokes by 60 percent. Walking can even prevent dementia by improving the function of the brain and preventing it from shrinking. As the Las Vegas weather heats up, avoid walking midday when the temperature is highest, or sign your senior loved one up for a fitness class or indoor gym where it’s air conditioned.

Want to learn more about senior health and wellness? Give Home Care Assistance a call at (702) 550-3185 to speak with a friendly Care Manager. Our live-in and part-time Las Vegas caregivers can help with a variety of daily responsibilities including cooking, light housework, mobility support, transportation, and medication reminders. Schedule a free in-home consultation at your earliest convenience and ask questions, learn more about services, and see how we can promote a happy and healthy lifestyle for your senior loved one.