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4 Exercises for Seniors with Parkinson’s

For those caring for a senior with Parkinson’s, you already know how PD affects mobility and balance, and, chances are you already know how important it is to encourage your elderly loved one to engage in exercise. Here are four kinds of exercises that will help improve mobility, balance, and strength, brought to you by Las Vegas Home Care Assistance, a leading provider of Parkinson’s home care in Las Vegas. Remember to always consult your loved one’s physician before beginning a new exercise regimen.


. Whether walking outside or on a treadmill indoors, walking is one of the best overall exercise for Parkinson’s since it challenges mobility. Walking at a regular pace can also increase heart rate and improve lung capacity, posture, and stability.

2. Water aerobics and swimming

. Water aerobics can help improve balance and strengthen joints and muscles in a zero-impact environment. Swimming laps also has no impact on joints and can increase endurance and build muscle.

3. Facial movements

. Doing facial exercises on a regular basis helps keep muscles flexible and strong. Try moving the jaw in different directions, sing or read loudly, and try chewing each bite of food for 20 seconds. Even if he or she feels silly, encourage your loved one to make faces to stretch their mouth, cheeks, eye brows, and nose.

4. Dancing or skipping

. Research has shown that activities such as dancing to music or skipping are beneficial for Parkinson’s patients because they challenge the individual to change direction and move rhythmically. Dancing also promotes flexibility, breaks isolation, and improves focus.

If your senior loved one with Parkinson’s wishes to remain independent at home, but needs a little extra help with daily activities, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Las Vegas to find a highly-trained Parkinson’s caregiver. Our caregivers are compassionate, receive ongoing training in the best care practices, and undergo regular quality assurance checks to ensure your loved one is getting the best care possible. Call a Care Manager today at (702) 550-3185 to learn more about our home care services.