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Senior Safety: Scams Targeting Seniors

Seniors are particularly vulnerable to scams due to age, a willingness to trust, and a general unfamiliarity with a world that is rapidly changing. Find out how family members and caregivers in Las Vegas, NV can protect seniors from three popular scams.

1. Phishing

A phishing scam is one of the most frequent scams targeting seniors. A scammer will send out hundreds or thousands of emails to random email accounts saying there is an urgent matter requiring immediate attention. The matter often involves clicking a link and sharing information. Scammers know most people will ignore the link, but they also know a few will click it and make the scam profitable. These people are usually seniors unfamiliar with phishing scams.

2. Grandchild Trouble

Scammers can easily get a hold of someone’s social media profile and will do this to learn about the person’s life. They will then call or email a senior relative of the person and claim they need help. Using personal details from the social media page, they will convince the senior they really are their grandchild or relative. After the senior sends money to the stranger, it is often too late.

3. Relationships

Capitalizing on a senior’s loneliness, scammers will create online relationships with seniors. They will listen to their problems and provide emotional support. Over time, they will eventually ask for money. Seniors will usually send money to the scammer thinking they are helping their new friend. The money is often never recovered.

Sit down with your senior loved one and explain the telltale signs of these scams so they’ll be able to recognize them. Together, you can work to keep scammers at bay and protect your senior’s assets.

If necessary, consider a live-in or part-time Las Vegas caregiver who can promote a happy, healthy, and safe lifestyle for your senior loved one. At Home Care Assistance, we thoroughly train every caregiver to assist with basic housework, transportation needs, grooming, and cooking. Our caregivers can provide companionship while keeping a close eye one your treasure elderly relative.

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