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5 Common Symptoms of Cognitive Decline

The term cognitive decline is used to describe a variety of mental impairments among the elderly. Noticing this health concern as soon as possible may make it easier to help your aging loved one get the treatment he or she needs. Seniors who are experiencing cognitive decline typically exhibit the following symptoms.

1. Difficulty Following Multistep Tasks

Cognitive decline can make it difficult to follow multistep tasks. Something like following a recipe, balancing a budget, or building a birdhouse may become very challenging. In these sorts of situations, creating clear and simple steps to follow may help your loved one get things done despite the cognitive impairment.

Seniors who want to remain healthy as they age can benefit in a variety of ways when they receive professional senior care. Las Vegas, Nevada, Home Care Assistance is here to help your loved one accomplish daily tasks, prevent illness, and focus on living a healthier and more fulfilling life.

2. Confusion

Seniors with cognitive decline often get confused about things like location, time, or identity. They may mistake strangers for old friends, think they’re still living in a past house, or believe Christmas is in the middle of July. When your loved one frequently gets confused, try to avoid harshly correcting him or her. You can gently provide information if needed, but otherwise avoid pointless arguments that could upset your parent.

3. Loss of Motor Skills

Cognitive decline affects memory, logical thinking, and parts of the brain that control motor function in the body. Your loved one might regularly bump into things and trip or face difficulty with fine motor skills like eating, knitting, or writing. By regularly using their motor skills, older adults can enhance their hand-eye coordination.

Loss of motor skills can make it difficult for older adults to manage daily tasks independently. If your aging loved one needs occasional help with bathing, grooming, cooking, or other basic household tasks, or if you need time to attend to important personal matters, reach out to Home Care Assistance, a leading provider of live-in and respite care. Las Vegas seniors can maintain their independence while living at home with the help of our reliable respite caregivers.

4. Memory Loss

It’s possible for seniors with cognitive decline to either have short-term or long-term memory loss. As memory impairment progresses, your parent may find it increasingly difficult to remember where he or she placed the car keys or notice an important appointment was skipped. There’s no way to cure memory loss, but writing down notes and setting frequent reminders can make it easier to live with this condition.

5. Poor Judgment

Seniors with cognitive decline often make poor decisions such as befriending untrustworthy people or spending money on obvious scams. If your previously responsible and intelligent parent begins to exhibit signs of poor judgment, you need to be concerned. Try educating your parent about things like internet safety. You can also help your loved one manage his or her finances.

Cognitive decline is not the only health issue older adults are susceptible to. There are a variety of age-related health conditions that can make it more challenging for seniors to live independently. However, many of the challenges they face can be easier to manage if their families opt for professional elder care. Las Vegas families can rely on expertly trained caregivers to keep their loved ones safe and comfortable while aging in place. To hire a professionally trained caregiver for your elderly parent, call Home Care Assistance at (702) 550-3185 today.