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Why Seniors Should Establish Intergenerational Relationships

Being born decades apart doesn’t mean seniors and younger people can’t learn from one another and even become close friends. Opening up to a friendship with someone from a younger generation can actually provide significant benefits for an elderly person. The Las Vegas, NV, respite home care experts at Home Care Assistance discuss a few of these advantages.

Connect with Others without Relying on Convenience

Throughout our lives, many of our relationships are the result of convenience, including friendships we create at school or with coworkers who are close to our age. However, intergenerational friendships are often built on shared interests and a desire to spend time with each other. Seniors and the younger generations proactively nurture their relationships by finding common ground.

Burn More Calories

A recent study conducted by Generations United, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building intergenerational relationships, found seniors who regularly volunteer with children and teenagers burn 20 percent more calories per week. More than 30 percent of seniors are classified as obese, but fostering intergenerational relationships can actually have a significant impact on their health. These friendships promote activities like heading to the park, taking walks, and even playing simple games that increase the heart rate.

Teach Others and Learn from Them

People who feel as if they have another person relying on them for advice and information almost always report a higher level of satisfaction and contentment in their lives. Not only can seniors offer their wisdom to the next generations, but younger friends can also help seniors master new technologies and learn about the latest trends. Student and teacher relationships are beneficial to both parties.

Alleviate Fears Regarding Mortality

Most seniors will find themselves anxious or even fearful about the future at some point. By creating relationships with younger generations, aging adults can leave a legacy that can positively affect people for decades to come. The impact can be as simple as passing on old family recipes or as profound as helping younger friends with problems or major life decisions.

Spending time with a younger companion may be just what your aging loved one needs to boost his or her mental, emotional, and physical health. At Home Care Assistance, we believe it’s crucial for our clients to maintain close relationships with their caregivers. We can match your loved one with a caregiver who has similar interests and personality traits, which helps them build a stronger bond. For more information on the home care Las Vegas seniors count on, call one of our friendly Care Managers at (702) 550-3185 to request a no-obligation consultation.